Water Ninja Guide

Water Ninja

 Welcome! During your visit on this page, you will learn how to become a Water Ninja! A Water Ninja is a highly skilled penguin in the arts of Card-Jitsu Water. Card-Jitsu Water is a game that will enable you to battle opponents with cards based on the three elements; Fire, Water and Snow. This game takes place at the Water Dojo, where Water Sensei and many other players shall help you train.There is no age limit to play Card-Jitsu Water.
Let’s get started! The instructions listed below will help you figure out how to become a Water Ninja and receive your Water Suit along with your Water Gem for your amulet. Below, there will also be instructions about game-play and more!
1) Head to the Water Dojo. To get to the Water Dojo, you must first head to the DojoCourtyard. The Dojo Courtyard is a hidden room, therefore, you must open up your map to be able to teleport to the room. On top of the mountain, you will see a brown building with a big red arc. That is the Dojo Courtyard, and you will need to click that building to teleport there. Once you have entered the Dojo Courtyard, go into the Dojo. Afterwards, head into the door based on Card-Jitsu Water (at the top of the Dojo.)
2) Play Card-Jitsu Water and earn your Water Suit.
3) Defeat Water Sensei in Card-Jitsu Water and earn your Water Gem for your amulet.
Once you have entered the Water Dojo, you will be able to begin your fire ninja training. But first, let’s go over a few basic details! To view the percentage you are at until you reach your next item, you can click the picture of three Card-Jitsu cards in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You may also be able to see the cards your penguin contains and how many of them. You can also view your amulet.
The picture below states that my penguin is a Ninja, Fire Ninja, Water Ninja, and a SnowNinja, only because I have already earned my ninja suits. How to earn the Water Suit? Keep reading. How to earn the Fire and Snow Suits? Those are different tutorials! But, you may also view what percentage you are at until earning the next item when earning yourFire Suit, Water Suit, or Snow Suit by clicking the icon of three Card-Jitsu cards in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
Next, you will need to know how to play Card-Jitsu Water. Once talking to Water Sensei for the first time at the Water Dojo, he will give you another deck of cards to earn your Water Suit with. Your deck of cards will contain Fire, Water and Snow cards. This game is much different than Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire though! In Card-Jitsu Water, your speed is what matters the most. In game-play, there will be stones on a waterfall, in which you are standing on. Piles of the three elements; Fire, Water and Snow will be placed onto them. You must use your cards to clear the stones that are lit up green to reach the gong before anyone else. If you happen to not reach the gong first, and someone else does, you will lose. If you fall off the water fall, you will lose. REMEMBER: Fire beats Snow. Water beats Fire and Snow beats Water. Capture
You will automatically win first place in the game if you reach the gong at the top before anyone else does. Winning first place will give you more of a percentage to reach your Water Suit faster.
FUN TIP: To sabotage other players, throw the same element card onto the element they are tying to get rid of forcing them to have to spend more time to clear the stone. Throw Fire on Fire. Water on Water or Snow on Snow.
To train with other users, battle Water Sensei or read the instructions, you will need to waddle up to Water Sensei in the Water Dojo and talk to him. NOTE: Clicking the Earn Your Water Suit button to battle others to earn your Water Suit is the fastest way to earn it other than playing on the blue mats at the Water Dojo. Once you have earned your Water Suit, you will need to battle Water Sensei by waddling up to Water Sensei, talking to him, and clicking the Challenge Sensei button.
You will need to earn your Water Suit before you are enabled to battle Water Sensei. If you do not have your Water Suit and you try to battle Water Sensei, he will win. There are four different clothing items that make up the Water Suit. The Wave Sandals, Waterfall Coat, Torrent Mask and Helmet of Oceans!
Once you have received all of the items that complete your Water Suit, you will need to battle Water Sensei. Be quick, Sensei is very tough and fast! After you have beaten Water Sensei, you will receive your Water Gem. The Water Gem is located on your amulet, in which you can wear on your penguin.
Water Ninjas have special dances. If you wear the full Water Suit, and you make your penguin dance, your penguin will raise his/her arms and water will begin to fly around your penguin. The picture below shows my penguin performing that action. Capture
Another special dance your Water Suit can enable you to perform is turning invisible. To turn invisible, you will need to make your penguin wave. A black cloud will appear above your penguin and begin to rain. Once the rain disappears, your penguin will be invisible. The picture below shows my penguin performing that action.
Thanks to EverythingClubPenguin.com for giving me this article!!

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