Where can I find more information about online safety? – For Parents

Club Penguin has partner with a number of brilliant organizations that are dedicated to educating parents and children about online safety.


A guide to internet safety and safe surfing for kids created by CEOP. It offers lots of information on how to report bullies, or things you see on the internet that upset you.



A program by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children that teaches young people to recognize dangers and increase their self-confidence online.



A website created by Childnet International, to teach children more about the internet and how to stay safe online.


Disney Safe Surfing

Join Mickey and the gang for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips.


Safer Internet Day

Club Penguin is a proud supporter of Safer Internet Day, and encourages both parents and kids to get involved.


Need Help Now

Need Help Now is a part of the Canadian Center for Child Protection. Visit the site for advice on how to deal with bullying, and for steps you can take to regain control of the situation.


Kids Help Phone

You can call the Kids Help Phone to talk to a counselor for free, and without anyone knowing who you are. You can also ask questions online, or check out the site for tips on how to deal with bullying, violence or abuse, school, friends, and much more.



With fragFINN, you can surf, chat, play, and much more. fragFINN helps kids find what they’re looking for and shows them where they can surf the internet safely.



ChicosNet is full of videos, games, quizzes, and much more, to help you learn about online




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