How do I upload items from the Wii game to Club Penguin?

Need to update what type of recurring membership you have, or change your credit card information?Since we don’t store your sensitive financial information on our servers, we cannot manually update your billing details.

However, updating your membership is easy if you follow the steps below:

First you’ll need to cancel your current membership. Don’t worry – no items, coins, or game progress will be lost during this process! Even if there is a gap between memberships, your child’s member-only items will be placed into storage, but will be taken out as soon as the membership is renewed.

If you repurchase before your next billing date, there will be no break in membership benefits.

To cancel:

1. Log in to your Parent Account
2. Select a penguin
3. Click Cancel Membership
Now, visit our membership page to make a new purchase with your updated information:
1. Select a membership package
2. Enter your child’s existing penguin name and password used to log into the game
3. Click Go to Checkout
4. Enter your updated billing information
You won’t be charged until your next scheduled billing date.

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