Active CP Cheats: Yearbook 2014 Video.

Hey Everyone, It’s your buddy Theblaster3! And i am here to show you the Active CP Cheats Yearbook Video, it’s in HD! Now look at it! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORTS!!! 😀 Waddle On! -Theblaster3 Advertisements

Club Penguin Updates Tonight!!!

Hiya Penguins, Blaster here! and i’ve got to tell you a something that Club Penguin is Updating Tonight! and This is their twenty first update week of 2014! and There are major updates! and The expected updates are Gary’s Visit to CP, Future Party , Club Penguin Times Issue 448, and  Probably a new EPF message. And There…

New Author – TheBlaster3

Hey Penguins! I am theblaster3, i am a new author of this website! i look like -: My Twitter – My Youtube –   Thanks , – Theblaster3