Club Penguin Times On Blog:Feeding Your Puffles

Hello Penguins

Club Penguin Times has released a part of their newspaper on club penguin blog.Please continue reading to know more.

This is the message By Club Penguin Times


Are you stumped on how to feed yer new wild puffle creatures?

You gotta find a feeding station! Any puffle can enjoy a snack on the go at the popular Pizza Parlor or the swanky Puffle Hotel.

Just walk up to one of the stations and let your pet chomp away.

If you don’t have time to take all your puffles out for food, no worries! You can always put them in the backyard.

They’ll snack on O’berries back there, so they won’t get hungry if you’re away for a while.

-by PH

That’s All


ACPC Co-Owner


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