The Fair 2015 Exclusive Information

Hello Penguins

I got some awesome information about the may party.Please continue reading to know more.

As you remember recently Polo Field confirms that the fair will be coming in may however this year fair party is going to be different then other fair parties Instead of the main attractions taking place across the island, the main party will take place underground! that is very cool.Let see what things are going to be in this year fair.

New Rides

Puffle Carousel:A Puffle inspired carousel with each seat being a different Puffle. The music that plays when you’re are on it is taken from past Puffle parties.

Propeller Tea Cup:A huge teacup ride with the seats modeled after different colored propeller caps. Rookie designed this ride himself.

Cadence’s Mouse Trap:Mouse trap, Cadence style! Multicolored tracks, combined with boombox carts. You will surely have the time of your life on this ride.

New Awesome Prizes

  • Carousel Costume
  • Ticket Background
  • I Survived the Underground Disaster Pin
  • Rainbow Cotton Candy
  • Ticket Puffle Hat
  • And More

Plot of this party

It all starts out with Rookie. He was given the opportunity once again to set up the Fair. He had everything planned out. Little did he know that Gary was underground testing out the huge drill at the Gold Mine. Gary accidentally dug too far, and the section of the island where the Fair was going to be held collapsed!

Also Club Penguin has added a code in which you can see director is talking about rookie collapse the mine


I hope after reading this you are excited for this party.

That’s All


ACPC Co-Owner

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