Pup1one’s journey to club penguin hq

hey guys you maybe thinking why i am posting as you know that ACPC will be offline today i got the chance to sit on the computer.

Today my twitter friend pup1one went kelowna,canada for visiting club penguin hq.Please continue reading to know more.

Every club penguin player dream to visiting club penguin main hq but only few special penguin gets the chance to visit the hq.my frd pup1one got this chance after from his journey he bring some videos and images too.

he also find some awesome behind the scenes information for that you need to visit his site

  1. The Truth Behind Operation Blackout
  2. The Plan Behind Rockhopper Island
  3. New Horizons Part 2
  4. The Club Penguin Movie

That’s All


ACPC Co-Owner

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