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Hello everyone!

Long time,no post by me,something like months.I can’t say I’m really back.I can say I’m out,well that’s not sure yet.The site is currently handled by my best friend [like brother] iSubhi2012.I would do a post referring this later.The point of this post is CPPS.Many users in the Club Penguin like’s CPPS as well as CP.I got many requests on twitter and other social networks [I don’t want to address] for a CPPS website.Thanks to the requests for this,I officially released ActiveCPPS Cheats.Both ActiveCPPS Cheats and ActiveCP Cheats are owner by me,so don’t get confused I’m not going out now.On ActiveCPPS Cheats you would get latest and best CPPS news! We’r currently hiring Authors,Editors and Graphics Designers.If your interested please click the Jobs page on ACPPSC.iSubhi2012 and I did some discussion about this at Rile5 topic which I posted there.The decision was that iSubhi2012 would handle ActiveCP Cheats and I would handle ActiveCPPS Cheats.Hope you all agree with us.Please let us know in the comments below!
Click here to get started with viewing.If you have doubts or any other things about ActiveCPPS Cheats please contact us at


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