SoundStudio Party 2015 Information

Hello Penguins

We got some info about the upcoming party.Please continue reading to know more.

Only one and a half week left for the SoundStudio Party as far as i can see penguins are excited for this party so today i dig up info about this party.

The Following rooms will be decorated for the party.

  • Town
  • Plaza
  • Dock
  • Forts
  • Forest
  • Rink
  • Coffee Shop
  • 8 Party Rooms

During the party, penguins will be able to play certain songs from certain genres. Those genres include rock, pop, dubstep, and more. After you perform them, you can try out for the talent show. You will be judged by Cadence and a few special “guests” or judges.

Members can earn some awesome items like Six-String Axe or the Dubstep DJ Outfit.You can also earn SoundStudio Hoodie by playing for Cadence at the talent show, and earn the title of music master.

Here are some Dialog form the party

  • Choose a genre
  • The SoundStudio Party has hit the island! This is your shot at STARDOM! Just head to Snowball Records in the Snow Forts and you can record a song!
  • Members can earn exclusive items like the Six-String Axe or the Dubstep DJ Outfit. Members can also play for Cadence at the talent show,and earn the title of Music Master and get the SoundStudio Hoodie
  • Hey superstars! Now you can check out the SoundStudio app from the map. Mix tracks on the go and discover EPIC new talent with CP Radio!
  • After playing all four songs, members can try out for the talent show. They’ll perform for me and special guest judges to prove they’re are music masters!

That’s All


ACPC Co-Owner


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