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Hello penguins

Megg has posted something on club penguin blog.Please continue reading to know more.

Hi Penguins!

Remember back in January when I posted about the new Cadence track coming this month? WELL, you’re about to find out why… (cue epic suspense music)

You may have heard, that we will soon be releasing a whole new SoundStudio app that you can create music and share it on an official CP radio station – thanks to my accidental announcement yesterday 😛

The best part? It will include the new Cadence track for you to remix! The even better than best part? It will be available on both iOS and Android – it will be the first time we’ve released a new app on both devices AT THE SAME TIME.

I’ll give you a moment to finish your happy dance…. Now, here’s an itsy bitsy sneak peek of the SoundStudio app:


That’s all for now – we’ll have more info for you soon, so stay tuned once again!

Oh before you go, what do you think about being able to share your music on an official CP radio station?

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Are you excited for this app?

That’s All


ACPC Co-owner

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