Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Leaked Information

Hello Penguins

I have found some information about the upcoming Party Star Wars Rebels.Please continue reading to know more.

As you know Star Wars Rebels Party is just two weeks away on Jan 22.So today i found some information about this party.Unfortunately it seems tasks are going to be the same old: throw snowballs to complete a task or search around to find obviously hidden objects. Anyway, here’s all the new text strings from the party. When you login Kanan will greet you.

Here are some script

  • Hey. I’m Kanan. Our crew is going to stop the Empire. Do you think you have what it takes to join us?
  • Hi there, ace. The name’s Sabine. Wanna help me redecorate? Throw a snowball to paint over these Imperial posters.
  • Thanks for sticking your neck out. Finish two more missions and I’ll let you in on our next plan.
  • Hi. My name is Hera. You’re very brave to fight the Empire. Before we can fly, Chopper’s going to need droid batteries. Can you collect them for us?
  • Karabast! Kanan was captured right after he spoke to you. We need to rescue him! We’ll distract the prison ship while you sneak on.
  • Ha. You’ve come to face your doom. Kanan has not prepared you for my powers. Try not to lose too quickly—I’d prefer a real challenge.
  • What?! You’re more powerful than I believed possible. But I’ve learned your style now. Don’t expect to win again…
  • Wow. I guess we’ll call that your final test. You really proved yourself. Now let’s get out of here before the Inquisitor comes down in person.
  • Well done. You impressed the whole crew. And that isn’t easy. I’ll contact you with a special mission soon.
  • Zeb here. Thinking of joining us, huh? Then get rid of the defense towers. A few well-placed snowballs will do it!
  • I’m Ezra. Listen, if you want to impress the crew, find these fruit crates that the Empire stole.

Members can do the following with lightsabers:

  • Members can collect their own lightsabers. If they duel other Force users, they’ll earn even more lightsabers. They will need one if they are going to face the Inquisitor!
  • Before you swing that lightsaber, you should know how to duel. It works like rock, paper, scissors—every attack has a counterattack.
  • Complete all missions to unlock a lightsaber

The tasks at the party will be as follows:

  • Throw snowballs at 8 Imperial posters
  • Find 10 crates of meiloorun fruit
  • Destroy 5 defense towers with snowballs
  • Collect 10 droid batteries

It doesn’t seem to be an exciting party also i am expecting something good from club penguin about this party.

That’s All


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