I’m Back @ ACPC!

hey y’all!

It’s your pal Atharv12346!

It’s been months not been active on ACPC,Now I’m Coming Back yeah you heard it right I’m Coming Back! This news is not been told to the staff also.As I’m back I would be celebrating this with you my penguin friends! I would be informing the timings to everyone on the blog everyday.This would be a 7 Day Bash with you all on Club Penguin!

Timings to be informed!

Everyone are invited,I would be choosing a  Lucky Winner everyday for a Surprise Gift,The gift gonna be not fixed everyday something new,and good wishes from me to everyone for this Christmas.

And I know that everyone knows that Club Penguin is now on Android too,so I would be hosting the party for not only PC but Android too!

Waddle On!


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