Interview With Rosytilly

Hello Penguins

This is first time we have taken a interview of a special.Please continue reading to know more about it.

Do you know @rosytilly on twitter.She appeared in Robot-Tin Show called ‘Robot’.Anyways today have taken the interview with her.

Here it is

Q:What makes club penguin an awesome virtual world?
A:Club Penguin is a very entertaining and also educational online game

Q:Who is your favourite mascot?
A:Rookie,I love rookie.he is funny and silly

Q:What your expecting from club penguin in future?
A:I’m expecting club penguin to fix buddy list,Bring back ninja hideout and recycling plant
Room users was the best.i wish they never removed it.I also expecting better party from club penguim
So far all the parties this year was a let down.The Pirate Party is ok
Q:Which Party of 2014 do you like the most?
A:I think i like the Pirate Party!But hopefully The Christmas Party would be the best of 2014.

Q:Which Mods do you like the most?
A:My favorite would be steampowered from UK team.He is super friendly.I love to hang out with him.

Q:What kind of parties club penguin should add in future?
A:I would like Club Penguin to brings back some of the old party from 2012
like…..Madieval Party or Tropical Party or maybe they can bring back Old CP party from 2006-2010.

Q:Which Club Penguin App do you like the most?
A:My penguin app!!! TBH with you,I don’t have sled racer app and
pufflewild app yet.My iPad won’t load.

Q:Do you think Field-Ops should be return on club penguin?
A:I would think so!!I used to play them all the time!I .i collected so many points and i earned all my elite gears outfit!!it would be great if club penguin bring it back.

I hope you enjoyed the interview


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