Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Leaked Information

Hello Penguins

I have found some leaked information about the pirate party 2014.Please continue reading to know more.

Next week pirate party is going to start.During the party penguins will be able to flight off the robotic/pirate crabs who have sunken rockhopper Pirate Party penguins can go on a treasure hunt,collect treasure,use special swords like the jeweled Cutlass,collect items and more.

Here are some dialog from the party

– It be a duel! To defeat these scurvy crabs, ye need to choose an attack that beats theirs.Don’t forget yer sword!

-Hold your sword and dance to start a duel.

-Ye vanquished all the crabs! Now Yarr be making a fake map to lure them off the island!

– No pirate can resist treasure! Yar har!

-Well done, matey! Ye be chosen the right attack!

-Yar har! Ye be a master pirate now! The crabs be fearin’ yer name!

-Well done, matey! Crabs still be burying treasure, though. Train with your crew until ye be ready for more mighty duels!

-Hold your sword and press dance button to look for a partner.

-His attack beat yours. Try again, matey!

-Ye both be doing the same attack. Cross swords again!

-Ye vanquished another crab! Soon ye”ll defeat them all!

-Here be a new sword. Ye be on yer way to being a master pirate!

-Be ye wanting to duel a fellow pirate? Look fer the crossed swords icon!

-Thar be more crabs burying me treasure! Please help, me hearty!

-Fine work! The crabs be gone. It be time for duels and pirate parades!

-Use special swords like the Jeweled Cutlass Wear unique items like the Master Pirate Outfit!

-YEARGH! Scallywag crabs crashed me ship and looted me hold! Stop them from burying me treasure and ye can have your fair share!

Just like in halloween party there will be timed quests.Each day,you will be able to look for a treasure.

Now time has come to show you the rooms decoration done for the pirate party.Note that these rooms aren’t the full version. Some are just room backgrounds, while others are full rooms. Why is only the background showing? Well, these rooms are from the app. The CP App loads each object individually, and some parts of the room aren’t visible yet.

Town for the pirate party.As you can see the Dance Club in the middle. The Coffee Shop and the Clothes Shop are not seen in this picture.

NOTE:All images are taken from Club Penguin Space


The Plaza


Snow Forts.It’s not complete, but you can make out a few things from it.








This is the battle room.This is where you will be fighting the giant robot crab that Herbert has possibly been working on


Some seeing this rooms and reading information you will be excited for the pirate party me too so be ready on November 20.

That’s All


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