Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #37) (Sneak Peek).

Hiya Penguins,

Daffodaily5 has given us a sneak peek of Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #37) on Club Penguin Blog. Please continue reading to know more about it!

The following has been originally posted by Daffodaily5 on Club Penguin Blog:


The latest issue of the UK Club Penguin Magazine is looking brill – with emphasis on the brrrrrr! The countdown to the holiday season has begun, and this month’s mag has parcelled up some festive games and stories, wrapped them in a bow and is ready topresent them to your eyes! Just be warned, not everyone on the Island is feeling “Holly Jolly”…


Looks like Herbert is out to ruin Cadence’s latest gig – that’s so rude! How do you think Cadence will escape? Let us know in the comments!


-Club Penguin Team

Waddle On!

Active CP Cheats Staff,


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