Where on the Island: October 10, 2014

Hello Penguins

Megg has posted a new game where on the island on club penguin blog.Please continue reading know more.

This is the message from megg

Hello Penguins!
Our friend and fellow blogger, Tato Maxx, has being doing a great job with the ‘Where on the Island’ posts on the Spanish blog. We thought it would be awesome to start doing them in all languages!
How it works is: We’ll post a clue from a location on the island. Everyone can find where on the island we took the picture, and post their guesses in the comment.
To make it a bit more of a challenge, we won’t publish any comments until tomorrow, when we announce who the first penguin to guess the right answer was.
Here’s the clue:
Remember to specify what is seen in the photo and where on the island it is.
Good luck and waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
Well it is a very interesting game.
Active CP Cheats Administrator

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