ActiveCPCheats Exclusive – Upcoming Puffles [Investigate]

hey y’all!

I’ve been keeping a eye at The Puffles from a couple of Months,let me reveal my Current Results to Everyone!

Here are the Results in short –

  • Raccoon Puffle
  • Deer Puffle
  • Unicorn Puffle
  • Rabbit Puffle

Raccoon Puffle

Raccoon could come up with the idea based on Disney’s famous Show “Doramon”.A story based on a Raccoon-looking Robot Cat from the future to help Nobita in his works,etc. Raccoon is already Confirmed,it’s also a bit similar to Dog Puffle!

Deer Puffle

Deer Puffle is currently not confirmed to be Coming up as a New Puffle at Club Penguin.

Unicorn Puffle

Unicorn Puffle is a Puffle that was Confirmed at last Year’s Medieval Party [2013] Penguins could transform in Unicorn Puffle,Due to my results Unicorn Puffle would be Coming Up at Club Penguin at this/next year’s Medieval Party!

Rabbit Puffle

Due to my results I can say Rabbit Puffle is confirmed.At the Muppets Takeover which was held at Club Penguin in past months,It’s Website Update confirmed it at the First Slide which comes up!

That’s end of my Results,I would continue my Research .

-Atharv12346 [Main Owner]

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