Puffle Wild App Exclusive Info Leaked

Hello Penguins

Today i manage to found some exclusive info about the Club Penguin Upcoming iOS app Puffle Wild.Please continue reading to know more.

By that said, it looks like the Puffle Wild app is going to have a big role in Club Penguin.

Here are some script of the app.

Match 3 berries of the same to pop them.
Puffle Power-Ups
Pick puffles from your collection for each level.
Drag a puffle to a power-up slot.
Matched berries feed puffles. As they eat, their charge bars fill up!
You’re on your way mate! You’ll soon discover more puffle creatures in the wilds.
Look, a puffle creature roams there! Complete this Bonus challange to add one to your collection.
Keep making matches until you run out of moves!
Hold and drag a puffle to a power platform on the left.
Way to go! You can play with this puffle in Club Penguin too!
Tap your puffle to use his special power-up ability!
Combine Blasters for crazy effects!
Make L or T shaped matches to create Zap Blasters!
Feeding your puffle fills up in his charge meter.
Keep making matches until you run out of moves!
Match 5 to make a Super Blaster.
Tap the path to explore.
Match the spinning Berry Blaster to blast a row!
Match the Zap Blaster to zap lots of berries!
Keep making matches until you run out of moves!
Obstacles like ice, rocks, and vines are tricky.
Make matchs next to them to clear them away. 
Swipe to match 3 berries of the same color to pop them!
Swap the Super Blaster with a berry for a cool effect!
Wild Woods is ready to be explored! Earn 70 star O’ berries to enter.
Swipe one more time to fully charge your puffle.
Match blue berries to feed your blue puffle!

Here are some special party rooms possibly related to Puffle Wild:




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