Club Penguin Partnering With ‘Free The Children Charity’ For School & Skate Party 2014!

Hiya Penguins,

Club Penguin is partnering with ‘Free The Children Charity’ for School & Skate Party 2014! Please continue reading to know more about it!

It appears that Club Penguin has partnered with the Free The Children Charity for this month’s School & Skate Party, as a page has been set up about it. There are no party exclusives (sorry to disappoint) but the page does talk about the charity’s role in the party.

'Free The Children' Partnership With Club Penguin.

‘Free The Children’ Partnership With Club Penguin.

Join Club Penguin’s First-Ever School & Skate Party

From September 18 to October 1, make a difference for students overseas by helping Club Penguin build schools in Ecuador, India and Haiti. Join Club Penguin’s School & Skate Party, available on and the Club Penguin app.

Up your impact: Club Penguin’s Matching Fund

The Club Penguin matching fund celebrates the efforts of outstanding student leaders like you by giving $25,000 in matching grants. Fundraise to help build a school in a Free The Children community, and Club Penguin could match up to $5,000 of your funds. Imagine the impact you could have! Get more information on the Club Penguin Matching Gift Program.

I think it’s great that Club Penguin is allowing players to help charities in game outside of Coins For Change.

Thanks to Trainman1405 for giving me this post!

Waddle On!

Active CP Cheats Staff,


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