How to add mascots without meeting them?

I am sure if people know how to do this but this is how to add latest mascots. Such as the Sasquatch, Brady, McKenzie and Cadence. The code to add Elsa and Anna is not yet discovered. At the end of the Frozen party, we may have information on how to add them. Here is the tutorial (Simplest way) on how to add them without meeting them directly.(NOTE: The risk ban is 60% so I don’t recommend doing this so. This is because we are using the browser and not a third-party program using item adders and such) If it says undefined when you press enter after this code, it means that the mascot has been added to your account!

First, log in to clubpenguin. You will HAVE to use Google Chrome or any browser which has JavaScript Console.

Simplest: Type in (No copying from here or anywhere else or you may get banned.)

Disney.Friends.API.addCharacter (“mascot code”)

As you may notice, in the speech brackets is the number 1. Each number on the list below adds a specific mascot. On the list below is what each number is. This is updated time to time for new monsters. Look at the list and add freely!!!

  1. Rockhopper: 1
  2. Aunt Arctic: 2
  3. Cadence: 3
  4. Gary: 4
  5. Franky: 5
  6. Petey K: 6
  7. G Billy: 7
  8. Stompin’ Bob: 8
  9. Sensei: 9
  10. Herbert: 10
  11. Wheel Bot: 11
  12. Jet Bot: 12
  13. Snow Bot: 13
  14. Protobot: 14
  15. Dot: 15
  16. Rookie: 16
  17. Jet Pack Guy: 17
  18. Director: 18
  19. Happy77: 26
  20. Billybob: 27
  21. PH: 28
  22. Sasquatch: 35

– Rolopolobeta

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