Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #33).

Hiya Penguins,

Today in the United Kingdom Club Penguin’s 33rd magazine issue was released. As always I have images of the magazine and also a complete listing of this issue’s contents. This month the magazine issue also came with a one month membership code!

Front Page.

Front Page.

This issue has the following:

  • Bear Watch
  • The Really Wise Words of Sensei
  • C.P.T.V
  • Fashion 4 U
  • Go Kart Races
  • Switcheroo
  • Cadence’s Catwalk
  • Club Penguin World
  • Rockhopper’s Grand Cruise
  • EPF Files Jet Pack Guy
  • Competition
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • CP Summer Camp
  • Squid in a Bottle
  • Around Club Penguin in 8 Puzzles
  • Brad Battle
  • Agent G Mail
  • Very Important Penguin
  • Next Issue Sneak Peek

The next issue is all about the EPF. It’ll come with a code to unlock the headlight head item and also the computer console and laser furniture items.Here is the sneak peak:

Sneak Peak Of Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #34).

Sneak Peak Of Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #34).

How did you like the Club Penguin Magazine (Issue #33)?Share us your thoughts in the comments below!!

Waddle On!

Active CP Cheats Staff,


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