DJ3K Removed From CP – SoundStudios Replaced DJ3K!

Hey Guys,

Atharv12346 Here!

It’s Been Officialy Announced That The Old Mini-Game That Many Penguin’s Loved Called, DJ3K Will Be Removed From The Dance Club And A New Game Called SoundStudios Will Replace DJ3K!


New SoundStudio!

With The New SoundStudio’s, Penguin’s Will Be Able To Mix Track’s Together And Control The Music Like Never Before At Club Penguin! In Additional, Penguin’s Will Be Able To Share There Finished Music At The  Beats, At Whole Dance Club For Penguin’s Love The Igloo Music Syestem It’s Just Like The Igloo Music System! (This Was Announced At The Latest Issue Of The UK Club Penguin Magazine)

This New Update Will Take Place On July 10! (5 Day’s Before My Birthday)

My Mind Is Mixing All The Sad Sound’s Upon The Dissaperence Of The Old Mini-Game DJ3K!

Still, The New SoundStudios Seem’s To Be Better Than DJ3K!

All The Lover’s Of DJ3K Can Enjoy DJ3K Till July 10 2014

Share You’r Feeling On The Dissaperence Of The DJ3K And The New Better SoundStudios Coming On July 10 In The Comments Below!

(Thanks To Club Penguin Reveal’s And Club Penguin For This Stunning News)

Waddle On!


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