June Featured Artist: Cole Plante.

Hiya Penguins,

The Following message is by Polo Field.

Polo here with something new and different for you guys. As you may know, Music Jam 2014 is coming this July. So I thought of the perfect way to celebrate… by featuring some musicians here on the Club Penguin blog! 
This month’s Featured Artist is an awesome DJ named Cole Plante. I’m a huge fan of Cole’s electronic/dubstep style. He’s an upcoming star who’s even played huge music festivals! 
Now here’s where YOU come in… I’m going to interview Cole, and post the video here on the blog. So I need YOUR help to come up with some great interview questions!
I plan to ask him:

* When did you first start making music?

* What was the first instrument you learned? 

* What was it like to perform at a huge music festival for the first time?
In other news… We thought it’d be awesome to get Cole to remix a Club Penguin track. He’s remixed “Gotta Have A Wingman” for this year’s Music Jam, and it’s amazing! I’ll share it with you soon. 
As a special bonus, we’ve asked our buddy and former Club Penguin team member, Businesmoose to make the music video for it. Stay tuned!
Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

What do you think about this Featured Artist?Tell us in the comments below!
Waddle On!
Active CP Cheats Staff,

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