Club Penguin Recipes – Easy Puffle Cookies

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Atharv12346 Here!

I Was Just Searching Some Club Penguin Recipes On Google!

When I Have Searched And Clicked The First One And It Took Me To An WordPress Site Named Melissa Joy Cookies And Then I Scroll Down Then I Just Got Recipe To Make Easy Puffle Cookies It Was Really Tasty! 🙂

Want The Recipe Keep Reading! 🙂

“When I first asked my youngest, who turned 8 years old a few weeks ago, what kind of cookies he wanted to take for his class treat, he said, “Do I have to take cookies?”.


With out pushing, I swear, he changed his mind and chose a design that was easy to do and super cute!


Club Penguin Recipes!


Club Penguin Recipes!


Club Penguin Recipes!

These are Puffles. If you are not familar with them, they are from an online game the kids play called Club Penguin. Not sure what the purpose of the game is, but these little guys are like your pet. All I know is, they are easy to turn into a cookie and I thought I’d show you how I did ‘em in case you wanted to try! This method is for the KopyKake deprived, like me. 🙂
First I found a Puffle image online and did a few sizing adjustments before printing it, to get it to fit on the circle cookies I baked. I traced that image onto card stock to make a template, cutting out the eyes. I suppose that I could have just printed it onto card stock right away….duh. Blog and learn!
Taking the template and using a food writer, I traced the image on the cookie.


Club Penguin Recipes!


Club Penguin Recipes!


Club Penguin Recipes!


Club Penguin Recepies!

My yellow marker decided to stop working so had to switch to black, which didn’t seem to make a difference in the end. Now they were ready for the outline!

Following the marker lines, I piped black royal icing, using a #2 tip. Don’t forget to add the little Alfalfa sprout of fur at the top!
About the time it took me to mix up the four colors to flood them with, the black pipping was dry and ready.
These were the colors of choice by the birthday boy. Of course I am all about the “Melissa Joy blue”, as we call it around here.


Club Penguin Recipes!

Once they are flooded, they are ready for the white of the eyes. My sister was visiting us from Maine the day I started these, so I think I let them dry over night like this. All cookie production needed to stop for hugs and laughter and wine.

Priorities, you know.


Club Penguin Recipes!

The next day I finished them off with eye details and their little smile. So sweet and so easy!


Club Penguin Recipes!

Twenty seven Puffles for the class, DONE! It was requested that I make one special Rainbow Puffle, which the boy of honor ended up saving here at home. Saving, as in not wanting to eat it because He liked it so much. And this was the kid that didn’t want me to make cookies for him in the first place.

Happy Birthday E!”

Wow, Melissa! The Cookies You Made Where Too Tasty And Awesome You’r Amazing You Baked Twenty Seven Cookies In One Day, Awesome! 🙂

My Favorite Easy Puffle Cookie Has To Be The Special Rainbow Puffle! What’s your’s Favorite Easy Puffle Cookie? Comment your thoughts!

For the original post of this, click, “Melissa Joy Cookies

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