Active Tuesday.

Hiya Penguins,

Our owner ,Atharv12346,has given me the permission to organise parties from our site. As the name states,parties will be held on Tuesdays of every month.Not all Tuesdays though but it will be held once(maximum twice) in a month.The timings will be notified later on.There will be VIPs also.Everybody will be invited in that party not only VIPs and Hosts.On the party you are free to do whatever you like except chatting in bad languages.Hosts will postcard and visit igloos of other penguins.

Server Name – Sleet

Time – 10 P.m (IST) ,

Place – Starts From Stadium

Waddling around the island would also be done.If in any case any VIP will not be able to attend the parties notify @atharvstudios or @somsubhra11 through twitter.

Here Are Some Links For Our Twitter!

Active CP Cheats Staff,



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