Club Penguin Times (Issue #447)

Hiya Penguins,

Today Club penguin distributed the Club Penguin Times (Issue #447) to every penguins on the island.Hope you have also got it.Of course you will get it.Lets not waste any time giving you the preview of that newspaper.The topics on the newspaper are as follows:

  • At first Gary tells us to save the future of Club Penguin Island.He also states that Ultimate Protobot 10K is the robot which is going to destroy the Future Club Penguin Island .
Gary's speech

Gary’s speech.


  • Secondly, Jpg speaks to the Club Penguin Times about the Future suits & gears.
JPG's speech

JPG’s speech.


  • Next speech is by Cadence about some Island rumors.She tells that she had heard about some puffle bands.But she is not sure.
Cadence's speech

Cadence’s speech.

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  • Now the comics as usual.
The comics.

The comics.

  • And at last the three Best & the famous inventions of Gary,the gadget guy.(Secrets).


Gary' famous inventions.

Gary’s famous inventions.



Active CP Cheats Staff,


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